A Serious Man

27 10 2009


“No Jews were harmed during the making of this film”

*small spoilers*

I’ve been going in circles trying to figure out the meaning of A Serious Man since I left the theater, only to decide that one of the main points is to not overanalyze things.  There are going to be many interpretations, especially of the film’s frustrating but brilliant ending, but I think the opening quote says quite a bit:  “Receive with simplicity everything that happens to you.”  Larry, played by Michael Stuhlberg, almost breaks down questioning everything and trying to find meaning in a series of life problems that ultimately mean nothing and in the end, don’t matter.  The film is loaded with symbolism, metaphors, and, being a Coen brothers film, ambiguity.  It’s also, being a Coen brothers film, incredibly quote worthy.  “Just look at that parking lot!”

RATING: ??? (This one deserves a rewatch as some of it went over my head, but I definitely liked it. A lot.)