On DVD: Whatever Works

10 11 2009


I should say that I’m a huge Woody Allen fan and I pretty much always love his films, even when the majority of critics don’t  (Cassandra’s Dream the only exception, and I didn’t even think that was half bad)So it’s not really a surprise that I loved Whatever Works, which was dismissed by most everybody earlier this year.  It’s not one of his best, and it’s definitely nothing new or groundbreaking (especially for Allen), but it’s got a great cast, great characters, and great Woody Allen dialogue (“Woodyspeak”). 

 Evan Rachel Wood plays a naive runaway girl from Mississippi who ends up living with Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David), a brilliant, cynical, atheist, narcissistic, and paranoid New Yorker (sound familiar?), and hilarity ensues.  The odd pairing makes for a very entertaining 90 minutes complete with musings on love, religion, and, of course, the randomness and worthlessness of existence.  Classic Woody Allen, basically.

It’s hard to believe that this is the first Larry David-Woody Allen collaboration.  They’re the perfect match, and Larry David plays the “Woody Allen character” even better than the man himself. 

RATING:  8/10