Tusk (2014) – Kevin Smith

9 12 2014

I was excited for Tusk.  I loved the concept, I love campy B-movies, I was intrigued by Johnny Depp and Haley Joel Osment’s surprise casting, I’m a fan of some of Kevin Smith’s work, and I thought this looked like a kind of return to form for Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp.  But nope, this film failed on almost every level.  I did love the Walrus suit, it was disgusting and campy in all the right ways, but outside of that nothing worked. The humor ranged from bad to cringeworthy, tons of scenes were either completely unnecessary or just dragged on and on, and a lot of the dialogue was awful (most surprising coming from Kevin Smith), and not in a fun B-movie way.  This one’s for Kevin Smith’s die hard fans only.


The Town

13 10 2010

I’m going to get my bias out of the way now and say that I’m no Ben Affleck fan.  He is, after all, the man who starred in two movies from our own beloved Michael Bay, both of which I consider to be the worst of all-time (they’re tied).  They’re Pearl Harbor and Armageddon, and why you can find the latter in the Criterion Collection I don’t know.  But despite Affleck’s past blunders, I’m willing to give him another shot, and he’s off to a solid start with his new movie The Town, which he directs, stars in, and helped write.

Other than an ending that takes itself a little too seriously, this is a really entertaining and well-made heist film with better-than-usual performances.  The whole cast is good, even Affleck, but Pete Postlethwaite steals every scene he’s in.  If only his character had a bit more screentime I’d peg him as an awards contender.  Someone out there needs to hurry up and cast him in a big leading role.  The other standout is the action.  All the heist scenes are fun, clever, and thrilling.  I never would have guessed that Affleck could be such a talented director.

I recommend this only if you’re a fan of the genre.  It’s a poor man’s Departed, and that’s a compliment.  If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of Ben Affleck, don’t let that stop you from seeing this.