Leolo (1992)

26 03 2010

Normally I don’t write about older films, but I came across this little gem the other night and just had to spread the word.  It’s a french film by Jean-Claude Lauzon, a director who could have gone on to do great things had he not died in a plane crash at a tragically young age.  This was his second and last film, but it’s a masterpiece.  It also seems to be greatly underappreciated.

The story follows Leolo, a young boy who dives deeper and depper into his imagination in order to escape the cruel reality of his homelife.  As quirky and comical as it is, it can also be equally depressing and sometimes disturbing.  It pretty much runs the gamut of emotions, touching on them all and balancing them beautifully. 


Note:  This is especially recommended to fans of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, as it’s in a similar style and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a major influence of his.