Joaquin Phoenix’s “I’m Still Here”

17 09 2010

Casey Affleck, the film’s director, just announced that it really was all a hoax.  I’ve got to say that I think this is pretty amazing performance art from Phoenix, and I’m more than amused by the idea of career suicide as conceptual art.  For those who haven’t been following Phoenix’s antics closely, an in-depth rundown on this project can be found here.  Best actor nomination anyone?  I sure think he deserves it.  I’m in the camp of people who were positive that this was all a fun, elaborate hoax at first, but then as time went on became less and less sure.  I mean this thing lasted for what, 2 years?  That’s a long time to stay in character.

It’s also worth nothing that Phoenix will be back on Letterman (out of character of course) on the 22nd.  Here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary:

“The Killer Inside Me” trailer

6 05 2010

Trailer day continues.  I actually wasn’t too excited for this one back when I first heard about it.  I thought the title was awful, and when I saw that Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba were the two leads I pretty much wrote it off.  But, when it premiered last month (I forget which festival) it sparked tons of controversy, and now with this good looking trailer I am definitely intrigued.