Trash Humpers

8 10 2010


Harmony Korine, writer/director of Gummo, is back with Trash Humpers, which I can really only describe as being 70 or so minutes of very odd, disturbing, and homemade-looking footage.  Yes, there’s definitely a TON of scenes where people just straight-up hump trashcans, and they like to wear masks while they do it.  What’s the point of all this?  I’m not exactly sure, but I don’t think there’s anything really meaningful going on here (if you feel otherwise I’d love to hear some interpretations in the comments section).  Korine’s just described it as his “ode to vandalism,” and it is a sort of a celebration as the characters jump around and sing and dance while they smash and hump things.  No plot to speak of, the camera simply follows around this group as they destroy things around town.  There’s a couple scenes where a character will talk about something weird that happened to him that day, and there’s a scene where they cook a meal and eat, but otherwise it really is just an hour of smashing and humping trash.  Some of it may be darkly humorous to some, but as a huge fan of dark humor it never struck a chord with me.  In my eyes this is a failed experiment, but at least Korine’s trying new things, I guess.





One response

8 10 2010

shitty! i had high hopes.

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