American Zombie (2007)

17 09 2010

“We’re here, we’re dead — get used to it!”

While casually browsing movies to watch, friends and I stumbled upon American Zombie.  Deciding that there really is no poor time for a zombie movie, bad or good, we put it on.  Nobody knew anything about it aside from the fact that is was described as a kind of mockumentary.  I preoceeded with caution.  Any doubts were quickly erased from my mind though, and now I can easily say that American Zombie was indeed a very welcome and engaging surprise. 

This film felt incredibly fresh.  I credit it for combining a subtle sense of humor/satire and documentary-style film-making with high levels of suspense and horror.  American Zombie has a uniqueness of vision that made it very convincing and, to me, incredibly stylish as well.  The movie had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation and curiosity.  So the next time you’re thinking about watching a zombie movie, be sure to check out this unorthodox yet awesome little gem! 

My rating: 8/10



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