Quick “North Face” (2008) review

11 07 2010

North Face is kind of unknown gem that I really couldn’t recommend more.  It’s based on a true story about a group of climbers in 1930’s Germany who attempt to be the first to summit the Eiger North Face, thought to be an almost impossible feat.

I saw North Face because I heard great things about it from a friend, who more specifically told me that the movie was so intense he almost vomited while he was leaving the theater.  Before I saw the movie I had assumed that he was just exaggerating, but now I can say that I actually don’t think that’s too far from the truth.  I’m sure you can imagine that a movie about a dangerous trip up a mountain in extreme weather would have its share of thrills, but this one really doesn’t ever let up. 


P.S.  This is available on Netflix Instant.




One response

12 07 2010
doctor documentary

It’s too rare that a film makes me want to vomit. So I’ll move this quickly up my list of things-to-see. Thanks for the tip.

On a related note, Touching the Void is another gut-wrenching movie – a documentary about a pair of climbers who find themselves up a creek while up a peak. It’s really quite painful. And controversial because the one guy leaves the other behind.

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