28 06 2010

Splice is a sci-fi thriller, from the guy who made Cube, about a pair of scientists who secretly create a human-animal hybrid named Dren (NERD spelled backwards).  The movie requires some serious suspension of disbelief (plot holes galore), especially during the final act when things really start to unravel.  They also try to mix in some (really) dark comedy with all the horror, but things don’t quite balance out.  Instead of getting genuine laughs and thrills, the movie leaves you feeling a little awkward and unsettled.

Dren is by far the biggest highlight.  All of the creature effects and sounds are great, and actress Delphine Chaneac is perfect for the role.  She single-handedly holds everything together.

Splice is a brave movie.  It takes a lot of big risks and falls flat on its face some of the time, but it’s pretty entertaining because of it.  I’m actually still not exactly sure what to think of it, the whole thing is kind of a mess, but if you’re a fan of sci-fi or creature features, it’s worth a watch.  You could probably call Splice a poor man’s ’80’s David Cronenberg movie, or something along those lines.




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10 07 2010
doctor documentary

I was disappointed with Splice. “A poor man’s David Cronenberg” sums it up nicely.

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