The Human Centipede

22 05 2010

LAME.  What looked like a wild and crazy b-movie horror concept turns out to be completely forgettable thanks to the utter incompetence of everyone involved.  For those who don’t know the plot, a crazy surgeon kidnaps 3 young adults and turns them into the photo above.  Yes, it’s an incredibly disgusting idea, but it’s actually more horrifying just reading it on paper and thinking about it than seeing it play out on-screen.  The most shocking thing about this movie is that it’s almost boring.  So if you were intrigued by this one, skip it.  It doesn’t work on any level, even as a b-movie.  People were saying that it had the potential to be some kind of cult, midnight movie classic, and some reviews pegged it as “the most disturbing movie of all-time,” but it doesn’t come anywhere close to being any of those things.  It’s not even “so bad it’s good,” it’s just bad.





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