12 05 2010

When I started to hear good things from friends about Kick-Ass, I was admittedly doubtful.   “But it looks like a kid movie, and a bad one at that,” I said, but they assured me that it was not.  “It’s got a dark side,” they told me.  And it certainly does.  Kick-Ass is a great example of false advertising when it comes to trailers.  Marketed as a childish flick, it is anything but.  It is violent and a little bit twisted, an unexpected fusion of a sort of down-to-earth, grounded in reality comedy/coming of age tale and the cheesiness, energy and bravado of an action/comic-come-to-life movie.  Moments feel like a teenage drama or a scene from Superbad, and others feel like Sin City.  The violence is so extreme in some cases that you have to do a double-take: did that really happen?  And yes it did.  Overall, I highly recommend this unique and unexpected movie.




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18 05 2010
Advocatus D.

If you liked the movie, I really recommend the comic book. It’s a bit less Hollywood, but still, you know, ass-kicking.

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