“The Human Centipede” trailer

11 05 2010

Has anyone seen this?  It’s being labeled the most disturbing film of all-time, and Roger Ebert even refused to rate it in his review.  Even CNN currently has an article on how disgusting this film is on their front page.  Here’s the trailer if you’re curious and can stomach it:




3 responses

12 05 2010
Paragraph Film Reviews

I’ve seen a couple of spots and trailers for this (Charlie Brooker’s You have been Watching had a round on it) and it looks absolutely rancid. Can’t imagine many people flooding through the doors to see this one.

The burning question on my lips is… will it be more offensive than Crank?

12 05 2010

Not okay.
Also, people on the internet have actually been using this trailer similarly to how one would have used tubgirl. The producers should realize that isn’t a GOOD thing.

18 05 2010
Advocatus D.

Dammit, curiosity! Now look what you made me do!

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