2 Alien prequels?!?

25 04 2010

Ridley Scott, the man who started it all, is about to start filming the first of two Alien prequels.  Awesomeness.  Click on the link to read the interview where Scott talks about the two films, plus his thoughts on converting and filming in 3D.  Pretty excited for this, especially since Scott’s in charge, instead of an unknown music-video director like most other horror reboots.  Soon we’ll have a Ridley Scott Alien trilogy AND the already epic Alien quadrilogy!  This’ll definitely be way better than having an Alien vs. Predator 3, at least.




3 responses

26 04 2010

I’m over any thought of any more Alien vs. Predators films. It was an awesome concept that was totally squandered.

I can’t say I’m 100% sold on this idea. But Scott is one of my favorites, so the franchise is at least in good hands. We’ll just have to wait and see.

30 04 2010

Am interested but nervous….when are prequels ever a good idea? Although, I liked Red Dragon at the time…hrm, what else…

Have you guys seen Kick Ass yet?

4 05 2010

Haven’t seen Kick Ass yet, but I’ve heard good things. Did you see it?

I can’t think of any great prequels off the top of my head, but that doesn’t really worry me. I’d be worried if they hired some unknown director, but with Ridley Scott I’m sure it’ll be solid.

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