Green Zone

25 03 2010

Green Zone is basically a lamer version of Damon and Greengrass’ last two films together, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.  It has its share of action, but it will still bore you to death.  Even the “climactic” battle drags on for so long that by its end I had lost all interest.  All the characters are one-dimensional cliches and all the great actors in the film seem to be on auto-pilot, especially Greg Kinnear, who’s dangerously close to being type-cast as the corporate sleazeball.

Though I’ve loved Greengrass’ directing style in the past, he’s got to let the whole shaky-cam obsession go.  Even when two characters are simply talking, with no danger in sight, Greengrass films it as if they’re in the middle of a warzone.  You get the impression that even if someone was sitting around drinking tea the camera would still be spinning all over the place handheld style.  Shaky-cam should be used sparingly, not for the duration of a 2 hour drama.  It doesn’t come off as gritty, just unnecessary and headache-inducing.

So in addition to being a bad movie, Green Zone is the first official contender for biggest flop, box-office wise, of 2010.  Whoever greenlit this film with its $100 million budget probably deserves to lose their job.  How the budget was able to balloon to $100 million is beyond me, so it’s not much of a surprise to hear that Universal is struggling financially.




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