Opening credits of Gasper Noe’s “Enter the Void”

22 03 2010

This thing’s going to be completely insane.  Early reviews, while not all positive due to the film’s crazy length and the lack of a narrative (both of which I’m fine with), are saying that the trippy visuals are actually “earth-shattering.”  Another reviewer said the visuals even surpass Avatar‘s.  Pretty exciting words for an experimental low-budget film like this.  Apparently it’s also designed to look like 1 continuous take.  I am so, so excited. 

Check out the opening credit sequence below, it’s pretty much the only footage we’ve got so far.  The film’s scheduled to open in limited release in the U.S. sometime in September.



2 responses

23 03 2010
Paragraph Films

Damn, once I’d regained consciousness after that seizure I looked up the film and it looks very interesting. For films with 1 take I have the Russian Ark dvd but have never got round to checking it out…

23 03 2010

Yeah Russian Ark’s a bit of a chore to sit through. It’s amazing to watch just to see the 1 shot, but it definitely drags. Maybe if I was more familiar with hundreds of years of Russian history it would have been more rewarding. There’s also Rope, the hitchcock film, which was filmed in 3 shots. It would’ve been 1 shot but it was filmed in the 40’s and they just didn’t have enough film to do it all in 1 take. I think that one’s the most impressive just because the entire shoot took place in 1 mid-sized room, so to pull something like that off with one of those massive cameras they had back then is pretty crazy. I guess as they wheeled the camera through the room, there’d be crew moving furniture around and then putting everything back in place just so the camera had enough space to maneuver.

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