“Remember Me” – boy, will I

13 03 2010

*Slight spoilers unavoidable*

What is the most jaw-dropping and completely ludicrous twist you could have ever thought up to punctuate the end of a romantic melodrama?  I could have thought up any number of things, but the screenwriter for “Remember Me” easily takes the cake for the most insane “gotchya” moment ever.  And I have seen my share of twists. 

Robert Pattinson’s character in the film named Tyler is not very much unlike “Twilight”‘s Edward, meaning he is brooding, tortured, handsome, and romantic, but this time he’s a college student rather than a vampire.   He smokes too much, drinks too much, quotes Gandhi repeatedly, and is in constant conflict with his neglectful, high-profile father while struggling with the baggage of his lost brother.  It is only with his young sister that he is able to abandon being a moody-moodster.  Emilie de Ravin’s character, Ally, is a similarly tortured soul after having witnessed the murder of her mother first hand as a child and is left with her overprotective policeman father.  After a series of dramatic events Tyler and Ally of course get involved in a passionate but predictable romance.  Their acting feels whole-hearted but misses the mark (which is sadly unsurprising).

The entire film is overwrought with expected dramatic occurence after expected dramatic occurence until finally at the very end the most dramatic and most surprising moment of all happens.  “Remember Me” was shaping up to be a mediocre movie, not horrible but ironically un-memorable, until the very end when a simple phrase written on a chalkboard changes the entire theme and direction of the film.  Out of nowhere “Remember Me” crosses into highly offensive territory and completely undoes any narrative value it had begun to possess.  The twist is so jaw-dropping, in fact, that I cannot even decide if it makes or breaks the movie.  My big question is this: which came first — the ending or the beginning?  How the hell did they put those two things together?  I won’t say what happens; I think that it is totally worth everyone’s time to watch the movie in a state of un-awareness to get the full effect of its absurdity. 

My rating: 6.5/10



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