A slight departure from film, kind of…

26 02 2010

I know that this is a film blog site, but I would like to make a quick post about something really interesting I discovered on the internet.  The name of it is Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (yhchang.com).  I haven’t done my homework yet on the site,so I don’t know who is responsible for the links on it directly, but I do know that they are really cool.  Known as electronic media or hyper media, the works on yhchang.com are being looked at around the world as a new electronic literary art form.  In a way these pieces are like short films, but instead of using actual images the text becomes the image, its pacing, flashing and shaking all becoming devices that push the “plot” forward.  Punctuated with some really great soundtracks, these pieces are literally poems in motion, stirring up imagery in the viewer’s mind.  So much of the text go by so quickly it is interesting to, in retrospect, see what words or aspects of the text sticks with you by the time the piece is finished, inserting itself into your subconscious.  Here are a couple of my favorites:



Hope this post wasn’t too far in anyone’s left field.  If it is, let me know and I’ll make sure to limit my weird artsy-fartsy speak!



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26 02 2010


26 02 2010

i think it is reallly coool.

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