14 01 2010


While the movie was playing in the theatre, there was a phone in the far back that apparently was making noise.  I couldn’t hear it personally, but I certainly heard the guy who would say in response “turn your fucking phone off” loud and clear.  And the Skittles in the orange box (the ones with the crazy cores!) are pretty tasty.  After the movie got out someone said very loudly that it was “balls hot” in the theatre.  I have to agree; it was quite warm in there.

Oh right, this post is supposed to be about the movie.

My rating: 3/10 (due to the 3-minute or so super gorey scene at the end which is incredibly entertaining)


I am patient enough to sit through almost anything, and I have never actually left a theatre in the middle of a film.  I’ll usually find SOMETHING to keep my interest.  Not the case with Daybreakers.  Now, I am a pretty big fan of vampires and apocalyptic worlds.  Even if the movie is pure schlock, I can remain entertained by special effects, awesome monsters and hysterical archetypes.  But this film was excruciating.  I didn’t leave, but that was only because I was with other people.  I am actually surprised I was able to sit there for 98 minutes.

…And the gore didn’t redeem it for me in any way.  I actually looked away.




One response

16 01 2010

Haha, well I definitely didn’t hate it as much as you guys. I’d actually bet that Daybreakers will turn out to be 10x better than any of the movies we saw previews for (not that that says much). It had some redeeming qualities. Having said that, 4/10 for me.

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