The Lovely Bones

4 01 2010

A young girl, after being raped and murdered, becomes trapped in the “in-between,” a world between heaven and earth.  There she watches her family cope with her death and search for her killer.

I should start by saying that I have not read the book, and so I cannot offer any thoughts on how the film compares, though I’d bet it’s not nearly as good.  My general feelings are that despite some dazzling visuals (see above), this is an overly-sentimental mess.  A nightmarish story is told as though it were a G-rated family film, which is surprising coming from someone like Peter Jackson who made his name off gruesome horror films like Dead Alive and Bad Taste (which are both incredible by the way).  I do admire the filmmakers for attempting something as ambitious as this, but the result is a collection of hit or miss moments, strung together awkwardly.

The performances are every bit as inconsistent.  Stanley Tucci is effective as the killer, however they couldn’t help but make him match the exact pedophile stereotype.  Look up pedophile in the dictionary and you’ll likely find a picture of this guy.  Not to mention that his favorite hobby is to build dollhouses.  Saoirse Ronan is decent as the young girl, Rachel Weisz is excellent in her limited screentime as the mother, and Mark Wahlberg is just terrible.




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5 01 2010

That’s too bad. I was looking forward to seeing it – love Peter Jackson and was hoping for a kind of Heavenly Creatures throw back. But bad press and no Golden Globe noms turned me off.

6 01 2010

Yeah, I’m a huge Peter Jackson fan too. Though I was obviously disappointed with this one I’ll still eagerly await his next film.

It looks like two of the most anticipated, awards bait films are about to crash and burn. First “Nine” gets mixed reviews and bombs at the box office, and now “The Lovely Bones” looks to do the same. At least “Avatar” met if not exceeded expectations.

6 01 2010

Oh I know I just saw Nine! Beautiful costumes, OK music…Daniel Day Lewis, Judy Dench, Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz are fabulous as always…but a play about writers block = a story about nothing. A shame really. And Anthony Minghella – I loved him! Avatar was great fun though!

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