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11 12 2009

From Kris Tapley over at InContention.com:

“The visual effects race, if you couldn’t guess already, is over and done with.  In all likelihood, the sound races as well.  And there is a compelling argument to be made for the film editing as well.  But that’s the expected tech bliss the film delivers.

Wait, let me not undersell that.  This is the most amazing cinematic experience I’ve ever had.  There are, admittedly, story elements that give one pause.  The film isn’t total perfection (though I’d argue this is a very mature, thematically beautiful screenplay from James Cameron).  The filmmaker can’t help himself in a number of instances that are too on the nose.

But so what?  Seriously.  This is why we all go into dark rooms to be transported to other worlds.  Cameron gets it.  And he delivers.  A thousand times over.  It’s the kind of film you want to take any and everyone with you to see.  Not to be too cheesy — it is absolute magic.

More tomorrow.  (P.S.: Give Stephen Lang a Best Supporting Actor nomination.  NOW)”

It’s also got an early 100% at RottenTomatoes.  Could it really be THIS good???  I seriously can’t wait to see this.




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17 12 2009
Paragraph Film Reviews

I was lucky enough to catch this last night, review’s up already if you fancy a look. http://paragraphfilms.wordpress.com/


19 12 2009
J. Maddux

I saw this one opening night. IMAX 3D, bitches.

I was really blown away by the visual effects. This is solid proof that we can, finally, do whatever the hell we want in our movies. Convincingly. I caught not even a whiff of fakery or uncanniness from the CGI blue people. An intimate scene between two Na’vi was more believable and natural than a lot of similar scenes between human actors I’ve seen.

I want to be clear: this is not a story-driven film. Not that it has a bad story, per se. But if the visuals weren’t there to kick our asses, this would just be another Fern Gully (sans Robin Williams).

I suspect this film won’t age well. But see it in IMAX 3D now and be amazed. It’s worth the price of admission; you won’t get anything like the same experience on DVD or Blu-Ray.

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