Broken Embraces

2 12 2009

Harry Caine, a blind writer and ex-director, recalls a tragic love affair after a mysterious character from his past re-enters his life.  His story, which takes place 14 years earlier during the production of one of his films, is told in flashbacks, mixing past and present and creating a sort of film within a film.

“Broken Embraces” was written and directed by Pedro Almodovar, who is arguably the best and most successful Spanish director.  He specializes in colorful, artsy soap operas, and this one is no different.  Honestly, as melodramatic as it is, I ate up every minute of it.  Almodovar always creates the most wonderful characters, and I can’t help but fall for them every time.  Even though I wouldn’t place this among his very best (“Bad Education,” “Talk to Her”), it easily deserves a watch.  Pedro and Penelope are officially one of the best active director/actor duos.  Oh, and she’s fantastic as always in this.  Thumbs up.

RATING:  8.5/10



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