The Informant! review

1 10 2009


Reviews for 2 new Soderbergh films in a row? The guy is prolific. 

The Informant!, which is based on a true story, follows Mark Whitacre, an employee for ADM, who reveals the company’s price-fixing scam to the FBI.  Whitacre attempts to lie his way out of every twist and turn, and things quickly spiral out of contol.  This story probably would have worked well as a dark thriller (like the book) or documentary-style film, but in a stroke of genius Soderbergh turns it into a satirical, subtle comedy.  The exclamation point in the title really sets the tone for the whole film.

Matt Damon is brilliant as Mark Whitacre, you can tell he had a great time with the role.  It’s prety much a done deal that he’ll get the Golden Globe for best comedic performance (if you care).  However, despite such a great concept, great director, and a wonderful lead performance, The Informant! still feels like it’s missing something.  Though the idea to make the film a comedy was a great one, Soderbergh doesn’t take it all the way.  What had the potential to be completely hilarious ends up only amusing.  The Informant! is a solid film, but not a very memorable one.

Rating: once again, a 7.5/10



One response

2 10 2009

Shit, that’s really too bad. It looks so ingenious!

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