On DVD- The Girlfriend Experience

1 10 2009


 Steven Soderbergh is probably the best director to have never made a masterpiece.  Though he’s definitely fascinating and always puts something out worth seeing, he’s never really hit a home run (in my opinion).  Here he’s returning to his experimental/low budget roots (I believe he only does films such as Ocean’s Eleven to fund indie projects like this one), with mostly unprofessional actors and improvised dialogue.  He shot the film in 2 weeks on a budget of under $2 million.  Pretty impressive. 

Bona fide porn star Sasha Grey stars as an upscale escort girl in Manhattan.  The film revolves around her profession, the people she meets and the conversations they have (there’s lots of talk about the current recession and the then upcoming election), and how her job affects her relationship with her boyfriend.  The events are not shown in chronological order, but jumbled around, requiring that the viewer piece the story together.  It’s an interesting look into an uncommon profession, and despite Sasha Grey’s incredibly low-key performance, the similarities between her professional life and her character’s gives the film a great authenticity.  Plus, as you can expect from a Soderbergh movie, it’s got an amazing score, mostly made up of street performances.  The Girlfriend Experience is one of his better experiments.

Rating – 7.5/10





One response

2 10 2009

The trailer and the plot certainly both sound very promising, so it’s really too bad that it didn’t seem to really deliver a stellar performance for you! I will have to watch this myself and see…

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